Press | December 14, 2022

Design Voices: People to Watch

Today “Design Voices: People to Watch” Typewriters were the unlikely catalyst for designer Stacey Tiveron’s journey in high-tech design. Early in her career, having found work at a design firm to pay the bills, she was shocked to find that “they were still working on electric typewriters, the kind with built-in Wite-Out.”...
Press | October 01, 2022

Ronati and ANF Launch 2022 Autumn and Winter Guide to Trade Fairs and Shows for Sellers of Art, Vintage, and Antiques

Ronati today announced the launch of the 2022 Autumn and Winter Guide to Trade Fairs and Shows for Sellers of Art, Vintage, and Antiques. The biannual publication is designed as a quick reference to help dealers more easily understand and...
Press | July 08, 2022

Women have a vital role in shaping future technologies

Art Newspaper Following the Art Basel/UBS report’s emphasis on online sales, NFTs and the influence of technology, I would like to make a plea for more women entrepreneurs to help shape the future of tech as it applies to the international art and...
Press | May 16, 2022

Online guide from Ronati and LAPADA

Ronati, an art and antiques technology supplier, has partnered with LAPADA on its 2022 marketplace guide detailing the leading online portals for dealers.
Press | March 08, 2022

Ronati Partners with Antiques News & Fairs to Launch Seasonal Industry Guide to 60+ Trade Fairs and Shows

Tech firm, Ronati, today announced the launch of the 2022 Spring and Summer Guide to Trade Fairs and Shows for Sellers of Art, Vintage and Antiques. The company teamed up with Antiques News & Fairs (ANF), the leading one-stop portal...
Press | February 26, 2022

Helping Hands for Online

Trade Gazette Keeping multiple sites up to date can be crucial for sales, but also very time consuming. Companies such as Ronati help dealers keep their online presence up to date. Founded: 2017 Run by: Founder and CEO Stacey Tiveron About: US...
Press | October 14, 2021

Ronati Designs Easy-To-Use Software To Help The Art, Vintage, and Antiques Industries Thrive

Below is our recent interview with Derek De Vette, SVP Global Relations at Ronati: Q: Derek, can you tell us something more about Ronati? A: Ronati is most known for designing elegant, easy-to-use software to help the art, vintage, and...
Press | October 07, 2021

Dolphin Promotions and Ronati Partner Up To Help Art and Antiques Dealers Thrive

Leading US art and antiques trade fair organizer, Dolphin Promotions, and UK/US tech firm Ronati today announced a joint partnership. The art and antiques industry has witnessed mass online migration over the past two years. Former...
Press | August 28, 2021

Tech Firm Pledges to Make E-commerce Easier for Dealers

Trade Gazette A new e-commerce management system designed to help dealers manage their stock listings across a range of online marketplaces has been hailed as a gamechanger for the trade by its creators. The Ronati eCommerce Manager, the...
Press | July 27, 2021

Ronati Unshackles Art and Antiques Dealers From Their Keyboards With One-Stop Software for Managing Stock Online

The Ronati eCommerce Manager solves the challenge of multiple marketplace platforms, with a single upload system that keeps all sales up-to-date, effortlessly How do you sell an inventory of unique art and antiques across multiple...
Press | May 20, 2021

How Micro-businesses Within the Art & Antiques Dealing Community Are Getting into the Digital Fastlane

LONDON – Companies with extensive support structures in IT, human resources, administration, and other specialist departments face challenges like any other business, but at least they have the back-up to deal with them. The...
Press | May 02, 2019

Can One Tool Bring Antiques Dealers into the Tech Age?

of Home by Haley Chouinard Bringing interior design online has been a bumpy road, to say the least. It’s a transition that has thrown many for a loop—and for antiques dealers, the process has been particularly challenging. Most of the early...

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