Are you scared by the idea of starting a blog? Don’t be. A blog can be short, long, educational, amusing, promote a specific piece, a place to talk about your travels – or even your dog! Online users love blogs, and if you are not posting one regularly, you may be missing out on the opportunity to increase traffic to your website – and sell more pieces.

Invite Them into Your World

A blog allows readers to see you as a person rather than a business – which is surprisingly important. To promote a specific piece, you could present a story about how and where you discovered it, any historical information on the maker, provenance, and construction, with images. Explain what drew you to the piece and what you love about it. It brings the piece to life and makes it more appealing.

Reveal Your Expertise

The most critical point in blogging is to “just do it.” You are an authority on what you do, and people will be interested in what you have to say. Share your knowledge! 

It’s All About You

Blog / Blogging

Online blog readers want to find out about you, what you do, how you got into the industry, your lifestyle, and any detail you are willing to share—going on a buying trip? Document your journey, your finds, and how you discovered a piece you couldn’t resist, and why it caught your eye. 

Blogging – Users Will Linger Longer on Your Site

It has been well-established that after reading a blog, users will linger longer on your website and are more likely to discover a piece they can’t live without. After posting a blog, you can track the difference over time with Google Analytics, a free service. You can take free online courses to learn more about it – but even without an in-depth study, it is easy to see the traffic increase over time.

Blogging Resources

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging, and you can read a description of how it works here, with the details in simple language. Talk to your website builder to find out which platform will integrate best with your website. These are a few of the most popular:

“I’m not a writer”

You may be reluctant to start a blog as you believe you are “not a writer.” You have the option of outlining the topics you would like to cover and hiring a writer to flesh it out or take over the process entirely.

You can find thousands of blog writing services online, but ideally, your writer is someone you can work with for the long term, rather than trying a freelance writing site where you don’t have that option. It is likely that among your personal contacts, staff, family, or associates you will discover an ideal person. If you write the blog yourself, all you need is someone to proofread it for you.


Headlines are an essential part of blogging. To create good headlines, consider questions, words, or phrases that potential customers could enter in the search bar. Google offers a free keyword planner. Using commonly searched terms and phrases in headlines can help users to get directed to YOUR blog. For example, if you specialize in antique boxes, enter “antique boxes” in the keyword planner to find keywords. Use the words in a phrase or two within your blog. For example, “This antique ring box was crafted in the early 1800s by (Maker).” Include some easy to read historical details – the more, the better.

You can add headlines above every paragraph. Your paragraphs, generally, should not be over 150 words. Long sections of text, not broken up with headlines or paragraph breaks just won’t work. Online users scan the material and breaking the content up with headlines and short paragraphs allow them to scan the material more easily.

Posting a Blog

Post your blog on every platform, including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and on your website. Mark Hill, Ronati’s UK & EU Operations Director and renowned antiques expert of Antiques Roadshow fame, has created an excellent – and very popular blog. Look it over for inspiration!  

Good Niche Content Can Really Work

Blog / Blogging

A blog niche involves a series of blogs around a specific topic covered extensively. The blogs should be created to reflect the likes, dislikes, and interests of your ideal customer. Ideal customers are typically collectors or designers who come back to you, again and again. A niche blog should speak to that specific audience. Invite your favorite designers or clients to write a guest blog with images of your pieces in a finished room.

Start Simple

Yes, you do need a blog. We suggest you start simple. Write a few paragraphs, post a few images, and don’t get complicated. No need to stress over every word – write from your heart. Like any new activity, it takes practice and gets easier with time.

We look forward to reading what you have to say!

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