Why you need a website
Why bother having your own website these days when you can simply use Instagram? It’s a good question. After all, a website requires maintenance, updating, monitoring and filling with content in a more complex way than social media platforms. So is it worth it? The...
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Best Practices for your website
Opting for a website is the first step. The challenge is to set it up so that it works for your customers AND presents you in the best possible light. This isn’t as hard as it may sound, but it is still surprising how many people get it wrong. Too many businesses...
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Mark Hill’s Hacks to Save You Time When Shipping Antiques
In part two of Mark Hill’s “Dealer Hacks” series, he reveals some of the tools he keeps on hand for evaluating, measuring, and calculating shipping for his pieces. Mark has been helping people sell their antiques online for two decades, and also sells his own...
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Inventory Askew? How a SKU System Can Help
Dealers face unique challenges in managing inventory. Items may be stored in a warehouse, displayed in a shop, sent away for restoration, or listed on multiple online marketplaces. Various methods are used to track inventory, from spreadsheets to handwritten lists,...
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