Georgian Antiques: From Small Beginnings to a Giant Success
When Georgian Antiques launched in 1978 under the direction of Padraic Dixon, it started with around 600 square feet of premises. “The size of a good double bedroom these days,” says John Dixon, Padraic’s brother, who joined him in 1981 and now heads the business...
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Meet Yew Tree House Antiques
We are awestruck by the accomplishments of Kevin Kleinbardt and Ahna Petersen of Yew Tree House Antiques in New York. The two partners first established their strikingly aesthetic shop in the mid-1980s. Since its opening, the shop has flourished, garnering a stellar...
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Clinton Howell Antiques: An Eye for the Next Great Find
Clinton Howell learned his original craft as a restorer at the London College of Furniture, where he looked closely at how pieces were made and the raw materials from which they were constructed. “My interest was less about style and more about timbers and wood and...
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Pegaso Gallery Design: For the Love of Art
Jorge Gomez established Pegaso Gallery Design in Los Angeles over 20 years ago after leaving his native Colombia for the United States and falling in love with the vibrant antiques scene he found there. He already had a solid grounding in design thanks to his father,...
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Meet Harvey Schwartz
Harvey Schwartz, the founder of Harvey’s on Beverly, started his notable career in vintage and mid-century modern pieces by selling odd items from his garage. His weekends off work as an aerospace engineer were spent haunting antique flea markets, and the many swap...
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