“Where I Belong”

Jorge Gomez established Pegaso Gallery Design in Los Angeles over 20 years ago after leaving his native Colombia for the United States and falling in love with the vibrant antiques scene he found there.

He already had a solid grounding in design thanks to his father, an architect, who set Jorge and his brother the task of fixing things around the house and learning how objects were put together. That knowledge helped Jorge develop his ‘eye’ for craftsmanship and finely made objects and, as he says when he saw the antiques scene in LA, he found his ‘spot,’

“I said ‘that’s it, this is where I belong.”

Pegaso Gallery Design

Craftsmanship, Design, and Display Combined as a Thing of Beauty

He named his gallery Pegaso after the elegant, winged horse of classical myth. Equipped with his connoisseur’s eye, he has filled the gallery with unique and collectible furniture, lighting, art, and accessories from the 18th century to the modern-day, celebrating the work of artisans from the past and updating his inventory weekly, with window displays renewed every two weeks. If you want something repaired or restored, Pegaso has the in-house expertise to meet your needs too.

“To me, every single piece has its own beauty,” says Jorge, who is constantly on the move, traveling the globe to discover unique pieces to add to his collection.

Now his son, Michael, has joined him in sourcing pieces that stir them emotionally, curating an eclectic inventory attuned to designers who have a fresh aesthetic and love to explore new looks. “I think I have communicated the same passion and energy I have for this stuff to him,” says Jorge.

Pegaso Gallery Design

An Ever-Changing Journey in the Antiques Business

The antiques business has seen some swift changes over the years – namely in the shift to online buying and selling. Pegaso, now officially a family enterprise, has expanded from the limited accessibility of their brick-and-mortar location to include online, global access.

This expansion began with their online gallery featuring collections, new arrivals, and weekly showcases, allowing buyers from around the globe the ability to view, share, and inquire about their favorites. In addition to the e-gallery, Jorge and Michael have added several online marketplaces to serve the needs of the growing antiques and one-of-a-kind market. They regularly add listings to 1stdibsChairish, and RubyLane. Pegaso presents themselves online in a way that demonstrates not just their intrinsic understanding of design but also their passion for bringing remarkable items together so they can be widely accessible to others.

Following their instinct for beauty and quality is the true secret to Pegaso’s success. As Jorge explains, he buys pieces that he connects with – money is not the driver: “It comes and goes,” he says. But, of course, the beauty of an object lasts forever!

At Ronati, we find Jorge’s philosophy to be refreshing and inspirational. Find out more about Jorge in the short video below.


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