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There’s no point doing this work and selling nothing. Like every dealer, we have an enormous quantity of stock, and we just want to get it online now as quickly as we possibly can. The whole point of Ronati is that you are making life easier. The whole thing has been a very positive experience. Most important of all we are starting to make money because of it, which is great!

Matthew Hall Panter and Hall London, UK www.panterandhall.com

Ronati has helped us gain back a tremendous amount of time to focus on the thing we love – antiques, not logistics!

What’s even better: we’ve been able to join additional marketplaces, further increasing our revenue!

It’s fair to say we are obsessed with Ronati.

MARGARET SCHWARTZ Modern Antiquarian Connecticut, USA modernantiquarianshop.com

I like to think of my time as more valuable, doing more important things. When I heard of Ronati’s eCM, I thought that is exactly what I’m looking for. We can do it all in one place, at once, and it just saves me hours of time.

MATT DIXON TallBoy Interiors North Yorkshire, UK www.tallboyinteriors.co.uk

Inventory management before Ronati was a bunch of spreadsheets that we had to keep editing, and we kept getting in trouble by forgetting to remove items from marketplaces when they sold offline or on another marketplace. That doesn’t happen anymore. Ronati helps us manage our inventory in one place – and it is terrific. I definitely see an increase in activity because of how much more often I’m posting due to ease, and that increase in activity has resulted in an increase in sales.

KEVIN KLEINBARDT Yew Tree House Antiques New York, USA www.yewtreehouseantiques.com

I think the eCM just tidied the whole thing up.

Instead of five things to concentrate on you’ve got one. As a result, we don’t get things wrong.

Everything we’ve sold has been marked sold, and we don’t ultimately let customers down or try and sell things twice.

NIGEL WORBOYS Worboys Antiques Buckinghamshire, UK www.worboysantiques.co.uk

Being on Ronati is so easy, and it allows me time to focus on being creative, working with the product, doing the restoration, picking fabrics, working with the customers… the fun part of the entire business. Now we just go on Ronati, do the one listing, enter everything and it’s a breeze. It’s super easy

CHRIS HOWARD Chris Howard's Antiques and Modern California, USA https://www.antiquesandmodern.com/

Before using the eCM, we would have to make the same listing over, and over, and over again for each place that we wanted to post it. It was a ton of work. As a result, we would only post maybe two or three things a week at the most. Sometimes only one!

Because, you know, if it required research or anything like that, just one would get done and that was it.

With the eCM we are posting anywhere from four to nine new listings a week on all our of sales channels. I will say, that it’s actually working out. We’re definitely having more internet sales now than we were before. And that’s wonderful!

MICHELLE WORKMAN Michelle Workman Home Georgia, USA www.michelleworkman.com

Since using the eCM, we have seen an increase in sales, so the eCM really helped us get everything organized, and out as fast as possible.

TJ SCARBOROUGH Gary Rubinstein Antiques Florida, USA www.garyrubinsteinantiques.com

I can enter the product information on one easy, simple website, and the eCM basically copies it for you, and out it goes to the marketplaces I select. It makes my life so much easier, and it has really, really helped sales. Cutting down on the time leaves me more time to do what I need to do.

KEITH DIETERICH Antique & Art Exchange California, USA www.aaxsf.com

If you’re considering the option of going with the eCM, I would highly recommend it, it’s helped me to put forth a more professional image, it helped increase my productivity, and it’s not an expensive program to be involved with. I would recommend it to anybody who’s considering it.

KEITH DAVISON Casanova Art & Fashion Florida, USA https://casanovashowroom.com/

Prior to Ronati’s eCommerce Manager, we used to load individual items on every one of the websites, one at a time. Very time-consuming. When I heard about Ronati, I signed up immediately because I understood what they were talking about. Now I load it up one time, and it gets put into five locations automatically. It takes a lot of work off my crew, and it’s just a pleasure to work with Ronati.

HARVEY SCHWARTZ Harvey’s on Beverly California, USA www.lamoderninla.com

We just load the photos and load the pieces. That’s it! Ronati does ALL the work. And the good thing is, they put us in a good position.

Right now we are here in front, and this is SO convenient! It’s day and night!

JORGE GOMEZ Pegaso Gallery Design California, USA www.pegasogallerydesign.com

Ronati is the answer to the questions I’ve frequently asked myself and other dealers. How many ecommerce marketplaces do you subscribe to? And how do you keep all your item listings in sync across different sites? Ronati simplifies my work to create product listings with a single software app and then syndicate those products on all the marketplaces where my clients love to shop. Ronati leverages my time and returns peace of mind.

JAMES STOLAROFF Dual Modern New York, USA www.instagram.com/dualmodernnyc

Life before the eCommerce Manager was long and tedious, quite repetitive – doing the same job on all the different platforms. Ronati has simplified all the tasks. Now, rather than uploading for all the different platforms and marketplaces, I just do it once. It has freed up an enormous amount of time and helped me have that time to concentrate on things I actually enjoy doing.

CHRIS VIN Rug Addiction Bedfordshire, UK www.rugaddiction.co.uk

Without the eCM, it’s time-consuming and a bit of a nightmare, especially when we joined a new website and we had to copy all the stock.

You can imagine how time-consuming and how miserable a person can become after doing that all day. The eCM speeds up the process because you only have to go to one website to update the stock. If it’s sold, you just click on Ronati, and it marks it up on six other websites. It’s great in that respect. I would recommend the eCM because it saves you time.

LINDA BROBBIN Nimbus Antiques Derbyshire, UK www.nimbusantiques.co.uk

We tend to get between 4 and 10 bits online at any one time. I do it all myself: I measure it, photograph it, describe it, write it… having a system like the eCommerce Manager is going to make life a lot easier for me!

PATRICK MACINTOSH Macintosh Antiques Dorset, UK www.macintoshantiques.co.uk

Ronati looks to be a popular platform for dealers, and our regular exhibitors are sure to be among them. Anything that furthers interest in art and antiques, and facilitates interest in business, must be good for us all. I can see Ronati will provide a good shop window for many dealers and, without doubt, encourage their customers to find them at fairs, galleries and their shops.

SUE EDE Cooper Events Somerset, UK www.cooperevents.com

We are delighted to introduce our dealers to the power of Ronati’s innovative ecommerce technology, which facilitates their ability to broadly list inventory online – efficiently and easily.

The content we have published together has been great. Can’t thank you all enough. The show launched today, and the Tiffany piece sold BECAUSE of Ronati’s IGTV Expert Picks production. It was a very expensive piece, and the buyer is flying in to pick it up. Amazing.

KATHY JOHNSTON Compound Antique Show Texas, USA www.roundtopcompound.com

We want our dealers to be successful all year round, not just at our market, which is why we are excited about Ronati. They help antiques professionals work more efficiently and be more profitable, so they can keep doing what they love – buying and selling more antiques!

AMANDA KINNEY Antique and Design Center, High Point North Carolina, USA www.hpadc.com

Ronati has the interest of both fairs and dealers at its heart. The company is run by a combination of dealers, designers and fair organizers, so you can be confident they’re on your side.

DAN LEYLAND Art and Antiques for Everyone West Midlands, UK www.antiquesforeveryone.co.uk

What interested me from the start was Ronati’s different approach. Ronati isn’t exclusively concerned with online, which is what you might expect. Instead they appreciate that it is all about the mix; technological convenience on the one hand and the real experience of looking someone in the eye and holding an object at a fair on the other.

MARIE CLARE BOYD Clarion Events, Olympia London, UK www.clarionevents.com

This alliance with Ronati will expand the reach of our shows and exhibitors to a worldwide community of collectors in both the live and online spaces. We’re proud to partner up.

ROSEMARY KRIEGER Dolphin Promotion Illinois, USA www.dolphinfairs.com

As the original marketplace for architectural salvage and antiques, we have long known the opportunity of digital to support Salvo Code members and the reclamation and antiques trade. Salvo is thrilled to partner with Ronati with tools that truly help dealers connect with the worldwide market.

BECKY MOLES Salvo Kent, UK www.salvoweb.com

The main reason I decided to work with Ronati is the people. from a business point of view, I think it is very good for my dealers and my clients, and it’s a good business decision. I am very happy to jump on board!

JANE WALTON Decorative Collective West Sussex, UK www.decorativecollective.com

Ronati seeks to help make dealers’ lives easier. They also represent a forward-thinking company looking to build relationships that will benefit the members of 2Covet both now and into the future. Our directors are looking forward to forging a long-term partnership with Ronati.

STEVE SLY 2Covet London, UK www.2covet.com

Ronati is making life simpler for all of us to sell antiques and art on multiple platforms on the internet, giving us all more time to do what we want: finding our next treasure.

Congratulations for them all in delivering this idea and we are delighted to be partnered with them.

IAIN BRUNT Antiques.co.uk London, UK www.antiques.co.uk

Ronati addresses the conundrum that has been plaguing the trade: how to effectively add the online channel to their businesses, managing stock and sales across all the marketplace platforms on which they offer items.

Until now, dealers have had to spend vast amounts of time uploading every item separately to each platform and updating each, in turn, when items sell. The new Ronati eCommerce Manager (eCM) streamlines the process, allowing them to get back to buying and selling. Dealers can offer an enhanced service to their client base, and this creates the opportunity for higher volumes of business.

FREYA SIMMS LAPADA London, UK www.lapada.org

The eCommerce Manager makes life very, very easy. I remember years ago when I was trying to convince people to join another website, I went into a dealer’s office. He was a one-man-band and said, ‘I do not want to join any more sites because I spend all day loading up sites.’

Ronati elides that problem for the dealer, totally takes it away and that is brilliant – absolutely brilliant.

CLINTON HOWELL AADLA New York, USA www.aadla.com

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