Bloggers and journalists are always on the lookout for new stories, and if you present something fresh and exciting, they may be inspired to write a piece about you – the best kind of advertising. Not a writer? Find an associate, family member, or local writer to assist you.

Connecting with Bloggers

Bloggers, just like journalists, are always hunting for new stories. They need to develop a compelling story at least one or two times per week and scour the internet for new material. To engage with bloggers takes more than just sending an email – you need to develop a relationship. To create a connection, search out ten or more bloggers covering design, antiques, art, or your specialty. You now have an active contact list.

Read their blog posts to get a feel for the blogger’s personality and the stories they like to cover and post meaningful, positive comments. Once you have connected with a blogger, you can reach out with an idea for a guest blog (written by you) or an article idea, presented in a concise, snappy synopsis. 

Press Releases and Journalists

A press release is a specific type of article with a set of rules. It covers a newsworthy event, from discovering an exciting antique to an upcoming event. The purpose of the press release is to get as much news coverage as possible. 

Bloggers and Journalists

Press releases are crafted for broad distribution and are typically sent to many news outlets, bloggers or posted on news distribution websites, including:

A press release communicates the essence of your story and contains all the relevant details. It provides the data a journalist or blogger needs to build a story – and they are always searching for material! Follow the journalists covering your industry on Twitter and post positive comments. You can connect with journalists through a smartly written, short email.

On a practical note, ensure your email, article, or press release does not have any grammatical errors or misspellings – proofreading is a must!

Creating connections with bloggers and journalists can take some time but is well worth the effort, as once the connection is established, you have a resource you can call on again and again. Stories in the press typically have a more significant impact than paid advertising. If you craft your blog comments, emails, and press releases correctly, you can boost your online profile, drive more traffic to your website, and create interest in you and your business. 

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