Ronati partnered with CINOA to launch the inaugural Guide to Trade Associations for Sellers of Art, Vintage and Antiques, now live on and available free of charge.

The guide was created for dealers as well as gallerists, auctioneers and enthusiasts. It includes a diverse array of associations, both international and national (nineteen countries are represented).

For each association, the guide provides a dedicated page including scope, description, mission statement, benefits of membership and applicable links.

Ronati carefully curated this guide in partnership with CINOA, the umbrella organization representing the international art and antiques trade (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art).

Founded in 1935, today CINOA is comprised of thirty member associations in twenty-two countries, representing 5,000+ dealers.

Being part of an association offers dealers a platform rooted in tradition and historical principles. Merchants as far back as the 11th century recognized the importance of the collective strength that a guild brings.

Today’s trade associations serve as a cohesive force for dealers, providing support, fostering collaboration, and advocating for favorable conditions.

As stated by Mr. Howell, CINOA President:

“Working with Ronati, we’ve done our best to make the job of navigating our associations as easy as possible. We encourage you to review the guide, find the community that most aligns with your field or specialty, and apply.”

This guide is not only for dealers: buyers benefit from knowing the most reputable associations that represent their field of interest.

In addition, the guide includes a special addendum from CINOA – a call to action for all art and antiques enthusiasts, and an invitation to become part of a global community dedicated to preserving our shared cultural heritage.

“Join us as we champion the cause of art and antique preservation, and together, we can ensure that these treasures continue to inspire and enrich generations to come.”


Connecting Constituents of a Storied Industry

This is the third guide Ronati has produced in collaboration with some of the most reputable names in the industry:

Online Marketplaces for Sellers of Art, Vintage and Antiques: Issued in partnership with LAPADA (The Association of Arts and Antiques Dealers), this is our original and most popular guide, featuring 30+ options for major and niche online marketplaces.

Trade Fairs and Shows for Sellers of Art, Vintage and Antiques: Issued in partnership with Antiques News and Fairs, this is a bi-annual international guide featuring 80+ fairs and shows to help dealers learn fair types, what sells and typical stock value.

Ronati guides for the antiques, vintage and one-of-a-kind industry


From Ms. Tiveron, Ronati CEO:

“At Ronati, we’re inspired every day by the power that connection and collaboration bring. Our simple technology tools, built for the industry, reflect that. May you use our guides to find the most fruitful and inspiring collaborations for your business.”

Download the Guide to Trade Associations for Sellers of Art, Vintage and Antiques free of charge at

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