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Typewriters were the unlikely catalyst for designer Stacey Tiveron’s journey in high-tech design.

from “Design Voices: People to Watch,” Designers Today

Early in her career, having found work at a design firm to pay the bills, she was shocked to find that “they were still working on electric typewriters, the kind with built-in Wite-Out.” Using her keen organizational skills, Tiveron updated the firm’s outdated operations and systems and was promoted twice within two years.

“The experience made me realize that I love design,” Tiveron said upon reflection of her early career. “I learned that I have a natural aptitude for organization, aesthetics and technology.”

She later went on to create the Trade Only Design Library (TODL) an online platform for interior designers, architects and manufacturers in 1997.

Less than a decade later, she was at High Point Market shopping in the antiques area when an idea for a new business sparked. After talking to 40+ exhibitors, she discovered the antique, vintage and one-of-a-kind home décor vendor segment of the industry was severely underserved in e-commerce.

She went to work creating Ronati, a multi-market platform that offers technology solutions to connect, support and help this unique segment within home furnishings.

Ronati launched with two major services: Ecommerce manager concierge, which helps users manage inventories, products and data in a single location and lists their goods across 19 different marketplaces, and a marketing tool that allows users to create “in just seconds” PDF product brochures and catalogs, via the inventory manager, for distribution to clients.

The Ronati mobile app is set to go live in the coming weeks, and will enable dealers to photograph and edit images of products and text or dictate item details in a single location, and then share it with potential buyers and/or upload it to their inventory – “within seconds,” Tiveron stressed. “We’re making the process simple and fast.”

It will also add more than 2,000 dealers over the next few months, she said. –Cecile Corral (Designers Today)

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