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The Ronati eCommerce Manager solves the challenge of multiple marketplace platforms, with a single upload system that keeps all sales up-to-date, effortlessly

How do you sell an inventory of unique art and antiques across multiple ecommerce marketplaces without spending all your time at the keyboard on admin and updates?

Until now no satisfactory answer to that question has meant that frustrated antiques dealers have spent far more time tied to their computers than they would like – or led them to avoid selling online altogether. But market disruptor Ronati is set to change all that with a new one-stop e-commerce management system.

The Ronati eCommerce Manager allows dealers to manage all their stock listings across a whole range of marketplaces – with varied titles, descriptions and even price points – using just one upload.

When you consider that a single upload to just one marketplace can involve keying in up to 50 different pieces of information, this is a remarkable breakthrough by Ronati. Not only is it a great timesaver, but it also means that stock is always kept up to date, avoiding customers facing disappointment after finding an item they are interested in buying has been sold.

As those who have already signed up for the service have discovered, being able to post more items across each marketplace on a regular basis makes them more visible to potential clients and has resulted in increased sales.

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Matthew Hall, Owner & Fine Art Dealer, Panter & Hall

“Thanks to Ronati, we are actually uploading our stock to multiple marketplaces,” says London fine art dealer Matthew Hall of Panter & Hall. “Using the Ronati eCommerce Manager has been a very positive experience, but most importantly, we are making money because of it, and seeing tangible sales online.”

Success finding buyers on and offline is a direct result of the number of locations buyers can find a dealer. No dealer can rely on a single fair to produce the sales needed in a year, and online is no different. If a dealer does not list their stock where qualified buyers shop, the first opportunity for connection is lost.

Online marketplaces find the number one reason dealers do not want to join their platform is because they simply can’t manage their stock on “yet another marketplace.” The Ronati eCommerce Manager solves this issue for both the dealer and the marketplaces.

Ronati has signed on leading dealers in the UK and North America—and established partnerships with some of the most important art and antiques organisations, including LAPADA, CINOA, AADLA, Olympia Art & Antiques Fairs, Dolphin Promotions, and others.

In summary, the Ronati eCommerce Manager allows art and antiques dealers to harness technology to help them control and direct their business rather than have the technology in the driving seat holding the reins.

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