Technology should make our lives easier, right? But then, it doesn’t always feel that way. What if there were software built by antiques industry insiders, specifically for sellers of unique items? Now, with our new app, hands-free assistance is on its way.

Following is a quick guide to hands-free, voice-to-text product listings.

Save Your Thumbs

As fast as some two-thumbed-texters might be, most of us type on a keyboard much faster. Enter: voice text. Speech-to-text on the phone lets you save your thumbs and “type” at the speed of speech.

You can use voice-to-text in our new app to:

  • Title an item
  • Create or update a description
  • Include details such as dimensions, SKU/stock number, condition and location
  • Tell the item’s story and history

Do all of this, and more, sans thumbs! In mere moments, your item is ready to post.

Tips for Voice Text Accuracy

Most likely you have seen, even experienced, voice text errors. Overall, voice text errors rate between 14-18%, meaning 82%+ accuracy. However, there are helpful ways to improve the accuracy of voice-to-text to 99%+.

Follow these simple steps to improve voice text accuracy:

1. Speak in a quiet background – Noise-free environments enhance the accuracy of voice notes.

2. Take turns (avoid overtalk) – Voice software is designed for one voice at a time. Speaking on top of another voice is known as “overtalk” and it decreases accuracy.

3. Enunciate – This probably goes without saying, but do try to speak clearly. Just know that voice software bases its transcription on common phonograms and phrases, not just individual letters. So, if you speak too slowly the phonograms might not come through clearly. Aim for a normal speaking pace, though perhaps slightly slower, with a little extra enunciation.

4. Practice and persist – Voice notes improve with practice. By using other voice-to-text features on your phone, you essentially “teach” your phone your words and phrases. Voice-to-text is an available feature in other apps, such as notes, texts or emails. Anytime you see the voice text icon  on the keyboard, voice-to-text is possible.

5. Learn voice dictation shortcuts – Not all punctuation exists in voice text, but there are a number of dictation shortcuts. Your phone will recognize “comma,” “period,” (or “full stop” for a period), “exclamation mark,” “question mark,” but also “new paragraph” and even “enter,” if said distinctly (so the phone does not group it in a phrase).

If your voice text still makes errors, a few features make corrections quick and painless. We will go over correcting voice text errors next.

Quick Voice Text Corrections

Speech-to-text pros have learned a few features which make it easier to correct any voice transcription errors.

First, read as you go. If you go too far past a mistake, it becomes more difficult to scroll back to the error. Especially for longer voice notes, pause the feature (usually with an icon tap) and make corrections at the end of each paragraph before continuing.

Next, when your phone suspects an error, it may propose the correct alternative. Under certain sections of text you will see little dots , or the text may be another color (depending on your device). If you tap/touch the underlined section, your phone will present you with alternatives. If one of those is more accurate, simply touch it and the text will auto-replace. To fully replace the incorrect text, hit the delete arrow and the entire phrase will vanish, with your cursor in the correct location to type your intended words.

Finally, if you have an iPhone, you can hold the spacebar to activate a feature much like a mouse, thereby allowing you to scroll to wherever you wish in the text. Other manufacturers have started adding this feature, but it may need to be manually installed on your Android device. Consult your device instructions if you would like to add this easy correction tool.

While corrections themselves occasionally prove frustrating, with these little tips and tricks you can save lots of time over typing with thumbs.

In just moments, you create an elegant, voice-texted listing!

Ronati’s App is a Hands-free Digital Assistant

At Ronati we believe the digital age can better serve dealers of vintage, antique, art and collectible merchandise. For this reason, we’re building technology solutions specifically to help sellers of unique wares thrive in a global marketplace.

In just a few clicks, your post updates to your inventory across multiple digital platforms. Sound like something that could save you time and trouble? Then join our waiting list here.

We can’t wait to reveal the powerful tools we’ve created just for you.

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