Dan Leyland, Mad Events by name, mad by nature!

Art and Antiques for Everyone (A&AFE) is the UK’s largest vetted antiques and fine art fair, held three times a year at the NEC in Birmingham. Art and Antiques for Everyone features specialist dealers offering a wide variety of desirable, rare, and quirky items fitting any budget.  

You might know the fair, but do you know the madman behind it? As the founder of MaD Events, Dan Leyland and his impeccable vision are why most of us attend the fair. We asked Dan a little about himself and why he took on the NEC to update and elevate the Art and Antiques for Everyone Fair.


How did you get involved in the antiques industry?  

DAN: “I’ve run events all over the world, including Ukraine, India, and Russia, back in the 90s when it was properly dangerous! Antiques and art fairs are the only ones that I’ve actually enjoyed setting up, though, as the stock on offer is just so amazing.”

What do you love about this industry? 

DAN: “The dealers and all their stories that go with every single piece. They remember where they bought it and why. It just fascinates me that they can remember a piece they sold 30 years ago, that ended up on someone else’s stand, and they still remember the date on it. It’s also the entrepreneurial spirit that I love.”

Why did you buy the Art and Antiques for Everyone Fair? What was the appeal? 

DAN: “Working with the A&AFE fair in years past, I always thought I could’ve done more with it and so regretted never having that chance. When the opportunity came to me with the idea that I could give it another go, I jumped at the chance.”

What makes the fair unique? 

DAN: “We are the largest vetted fair outside of London. Many of the shows in London didn’t happen this year so actually – we are the largest vetted show in the UK in 2021! “

DAN: “Every discipline, from Treen to Silver and Fine Bronze Sculpture to Modern Pictures with everything shiny in-between. We have two sections, Section 2 specialists with small bespoke and rare pieces, and Section 1, just as bespoke and even rarer items — all on offer under one roof.”  

Left to right: Ellis Fine Art (Stand E19) ‘The Next Drink’, oil on panel by Alfonso Savini (1836-1908), Italian. Keith Richards Antiques (Stand F53) will be bringing a wonderful selection of oak furniture by the Yorkshire Critters to the fair. Haresfur (Stand B27) stunning Georg Jensen sterling silver brooch, no 337, designed by Nanna Ditzel. Mark Goodger Antiques (Stand D9) Sterling Silver Cigar Box featuring a horse racing themed, hand-coloured engraved printing plate.

“The core and cream of the crop are there. There aren’t many (if any) shows which offer the breadth of stock that we have. We’re in the centre of the country, with a rail station, motorways from every direction, free parking for all, 10,000 visitors, and of course an airport!” 

The fair certainly lives up to its name, with literally something for everyone. From 20th-century design to Victorian kitchenware to art deco lamps and vintage clothing, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pieces to create a personal blend of antique and modern in your home. 

Learn more about Dan Leyland and Art and Antiques for Everyone in this short video:


Attend Art & Antiques for Everyone Winter 2021

25th – 28th November 2021

Located in The National Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, Birmingham, B40 1NT

Free car parking

Download FREE tickets here: www.antiquesforeveryone.co.uk/tickets/

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