Some art and antiques dealers have online selling down to an art, while others have been more cautious about participating in the online sales arena – for good reason. The traditional way to list antiques and art online required hours of work, uploading images and information, over and over, for every marketplace. At Ronati, we believe you deserve better and have developed the Ronati eCommerce Manager (eCM) to simplify the online selling process. 

How the eCM Works

The eCM was built specifically for dealers of art, antiques, and one-of-a-kind pieces. We worked closely with industry professionals to create a system that features everything you need – and nothing you don’t. How does the eCM help dealers sell online? Here is a brief description of how it works:

  • Upload your pieces: We help you upload your inventory, whether you keep it on a spreadsheet, an internal system, or it lives on your website. We work with you through every step.
  • Connect to your marketplaces: Your inventory is now ready to be listed. You can connect to your selected qualified marketplaces with a simple click. No need to worry about usernames or passwords – we never see or store that information.
  • Start selling: Once connected to your marketplaces, you can now select which pieces to list on which marketplaces with just a few clicks. And when a piece sells on one marketplace, the eCM takes it down from the others. Your online stock will always be up-to-date and current across all of your qualified marketplaces. The beauty of the eCM system is that it also functions as the ideal inventory management tool.


We Give You the Time to Do What You Do Best

Antiques and art dealers are passionate about what they do. Their time is best spent discovering new pieces, working with customers in person, reupholstering, repurposing, refurbishing their finds, and traveling the globe to discover new finds. The eCM was built to help dealers avoid spending hours keeping stock listed and updated on several online marketplaces. Sound too good to be true? Watch this quick video and see what dealers have to say about how the eCM has helped them sell online.

The eCM: Custom-Built Specifically for Dealers of Art and Antiques

At Ronati, we have spent years developing the eCM, working closely with your colleagues in the business to make sure the eCM covers all the bases. We found that dealers who were selling online were spending 15 to 30 hours or more every week to upload, edit, and keep track of online inventory. The eCM simplifies the process, allowing you to manage your stock on multiple marketplaces from a single location, so you are free to spend your valuable time doing what you do best. 

Try the Ronati eCM for Free!

If you have been hesitant to get involved in online sales or have tried and found the process overly time-consuming and challenging, we get it. You can try the eCM for free for 30 days to find out just how easy the process could be. You always own your information, and there is no risk. Ronati does not manage leads, inquiries, or sales requests from marketplaces – those take place between you (the seller), the marketplace, and the buyer, and you do not need to provide any credit card or financial data to try the eCM for 30 days. You are invited!  

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