Art. It’s what makes any space personal. From paintings and drawings, to sculptures, pottery, and weavings, finding one special piece that makes your pulse quicken is a thrill. And that’s exactly what Melanie Golter of Lucky Fish Gallery is all about. The pieces offered are the perfect mixture of new, old, worn, and fresh.
Pillow Bottles

The Birth of A Gallery

With Melanie’s background in design and visual merchandising (she worked for Ralph Lauren for a decade), Lucky Fish Gallery was born out of a passion for fine art, and a desire to connect artists with designers and collectors. During a trip to Moldova and Romania in 2000, Melanie discovered several expertly trained artists, and saw an opportunity to share their beautiful work with American buyers.

The economic crash of 2008 presented a bright opportunity for Lucky Fish Gallery. They made the decision to include the work of a few select American artists in their gallery as well, resulting in the transformation of their business. This curated mix of European and American art, which includes both antiques and pieces created by living artists, remains the backbone of the Gallery today. In Melanie’s words, “Where I appreciate brand new things and all my artists creating things, I also really appreciate the old things.”

Art from Luck Fish Gallery

Lucky Fish Gallery at The Antiques and Design Center of High Point

Lucky Fish Gallery is such a unique, whimsical moniker for a business. Ronati’s Kelli Ellis caught up with Melanie at the Antique and Design Center of High Point and had to know, what’s in a name? “When I was a child, I was 5 out of 8 children and my nickname was fish. And my whole life I felt really lucky, so when I started this company, I just named it Lucky Fish,” answers Melanie. After getting a firsthand look at the masterful mix Lucky Fish Gallery offers, Kelli had to inquire about a one-of-a-kind sculpture of a large cat. She learned this incredible piece had been hand-carved from a single tree (wow!). It’s pieces like this that really add personality to a space.

Lucky Fish Gallery

As Kelli says, “Designers like myself or other dealers are looking for people like you who take the time and the effort, and have the eye. Because you are different. I think that’s the beauty of the Antique & Design Center of High Point.” Melanie agrees, “Anybody in this building is loving what they’re doing.” And perhaps that’s the secret recipe: combining a love of design, fine art, travel, and people. Sounds like a winner to us!

Where to Find Lucky Fish Gallery

Find Lucky Fish Gallery at the Antique and Design Center of High Point, as well as in the LEE Industries showroom during High Point Furniture Market. They sell online exclusively to the trade at

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