Photo Types That Sell

To sell antiques, vintage, or one-of-a-kind pieces online, you need images that stand out in a busy marketplace. We have covered how to photograph small and large pieces, but we have a few more tips on how to take images that sell. Read our list of the six types of photos that will inspire your buyers.

Inspire a Purchase with the Right Images

Online buyers want to feel confident when making a purchase, and the best way to instill confidence is through carefully selected images of the piece. The right photos of your piece, presented from all angles, can inspire a casual shopper to take action and buy, or contact you for more information. The images you post should:

  • Grab immediate attention
  • Accurately reveal the piece, including any flaws or wear
  • Provide details on size, color, materials, maker and other relevant information
  • Help a buyer envision the piece in real-world settings

You can tap into buyer psychology and appeal to a broader range of potential buyers. We found a great book on this topic that you can read or download on Audible.

The Magic 6 Photo Types That Sell

Let’s look at the six types of photos that are known to inspire buyers:

  1. Studio Shot: Present your piece on a plain, well-lit background. When buyers browse thumbnail images, their eyes are drawn to sharp, crisp photos on a white background.

Vintage colorful vase

  1. Lifestyle: These images show your piece in an attractive setting so buyers can envision owning it. Use additional items from your shop inventory that complement one another, and you could inspire multiple purchases!

Photo types that sell

  1. Scale Reference: Ensure you have an image that reveals the actual size of your piece by placing it next to a recognizable item or show it being used by someone.

Hands wearing jewelry

  1. Detail Shot: Post images of the details of your pieces, revealing quality, texture and design features. An image of a delicate clasp, intricate carving, or other interesting detail can make all the difference in its appeal. If your piece has imperfections, photograph these as well so your buyer is aware of them, avoiding costly returns.
  1. Groupings: For multiple pieces or sets, photograph them together to make the set more attractive to an online buyer.

Vintage tea cups (Photo types that sell)

  1. Your Process: If you refinish or restore antique, vintage, or one-of-a-kind pieces, images of your process shows your professionalism, artistry and attention to detail. This brings the all-important human touch to your online presence. These images are some of the best for social media posts.

Wood carver working (Photo types that sell)

Remember, as you put together your favorite shots and mix different types of images, pay extra attention to the first photograph on your listing. To inspire a more in-depth look through your shop, the first image must be a clear, eye-catching photo.

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