If you want to attract attention from buyers through online marketplaces, you will need well-lit photos featuring your items on a white background. This clean, professional style has been proven to increase online sales. Whether you take your own photos or hire a professional photographer, you will need several of these product shots for each of your items.

Fortunately, there are a variety of online tools that can help you edit your existing pictures to achieve a white background without the expense of a re-shoot.

Removing Backgrounds on Product Images

We have identified a variety of online tools that allow you to create a white background for your existing product images. Sound complicated? It’s not. Even a novice can use these resources.

Removing backgrounds

Clipping Magic
This fully automated photo editing tool will remove the backgrounds on your product images and configure your photos to meet the specifications of your online marketplaces. It’s surprisingly easy to use and offers an array of photo-enhancing features.

Pixlr has many features that are similar to Photoshop, but it is far less complicated for users. You can remove the background from your photos automatically. This program is subscription-based.

This online program allows you to remove the background from your photos with just a few clicks of your mouse. Simply upload the image. You don’t need any special skills or training and can remove even complex backgrounds with ease.

Background Burner
A free online tool, Background Burner automatically removes the background to create a white backdrop for your images. They offer a free version and a professional edition for batch processing.

LunaPic is a free online photo editor that allows you to remove an image background by choosing the image to edit, then selecting the background colors or items you want to remove. No need to register, subscribe or pay for the service (which makes it a favorite).

Another free online photo editor, this program will remove image backgrounds in about five seconds, automatically.

Col Grey has created a fun “how-to” video that walks you through each step.

Future Product Shoots

Even if you shoot your pieces on a white background, they may need to be tweaked and these easy-to-use tools can also help in those instances. Every photo shoot you do should include your pieces on a white background, along with your other creative room or vignette settings to inspire online buyers even more.

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