Many art and antiques dealers are struggling, unable to sell their pieces in person through their shops and trade fairs, which can make the future appear grim. The truth is that online antiques and art sales are experiencing an unprecedented boom.

In 2019, the global sales of art and antiques reached 64.1 billion. In 2020, which is arguably one of the most challenging years in modern history, online antique and art sales are on a remarkable uptrend, as reported in Antiques Trade Gazette

Does Selling Antiques Online Work?

Designers still need pieces for their clients. People who once spent their free time haunting antique shops and attending antique and art shows have shifted their obsession online. They are now searching for and buying both affordable vintage and high-value pieces online. While this seems contrary to what many dealers believed possible, the numbers do not lie. Many dealers are experiencing extraordinary success listing their stock on online marketplaces such as 2Covet, Chairish, 1stDibs, Artsy, The Hoarde, InCollect, Sotheby’s Home, and other successful marketplaces. 

At Ronati, our entire team has a single driving purpose – helping dealers succeed. We understand the challenges dealers face, especially now, when in-person sales are slow or non-existent due to lockdowns, live auctions, shows, and events canceled. Rather than shrinking your business and hoping for a brighter future, there is another, better option. Why not take advantage of the increase in online sales of art and antiques, and watch your business grow?

If you are new to the online sales arena, it is not surprising that you may feel hesitant to invest in marketing your stock online. The facts prove that this strategy is proving to be a lifesaver for dealers. 

Selling Online

The Easy Way to Market Art and Antiques Online

Making the shift to online sales is a big step, but at Ronati, we have done all we can to make it smoother, faster, and more comfortable for you. Our eCommerce Manager (eCM) is the first multi-marketplace tool expressly created for sellers of antiques, art, and vintage items. It is built for speed and simplicity and allows you to add, edit, and manage your listings across multiple qualified marketplaces from a single location. Not only is it easy, but you also have our team to walk you through the steps. Watch this short video and listen to what dealers are saying about the eCM.

Choosing the Right Marketplaces for Your Stock

One of the biggest problems for dealers is choosing the right marketplaces. In partnership with LAPADA, Ronati has developed the first comprehensive guide to online marketplaces – a two-year concerted effort – to answer your questions with Selling Online: A Guide to Vintage and Antiques Marketplaces. You can download the Guide here. Not every marketplace is ideal for your stock, and selecting what is right for you makes all the difference.

We Are Here to Help You Grow

At Ronati, we want to help you make it through the tough times and the good times. If you are cautious about making the shift to online sales, we have your back. You can try the eCM at no cost for 30 days and see for yourself. Let us help!

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