How do you choose the best online marketplaces for your stock? Each online marketplace caters to a specific customer base, and prices vary. Dealers who want to sell online find themselves wading through data to try to make an educated decision.

The definitive guide to online marketplaces is here.

Problem solved: Ronati’s Selling Online: A Guide to Vintage and Antique Marketplaces. The guide covers all the details, from pricing to customer base, for more than 25 marketplaces and platforms all in one place. It is the definitive resource for dealers interested in selling antiques online.

The Guide was developed in partnership with LAPADA, the largest vetted Association of Art & Antiques Dealers, based in London. It is an invaluable resource for dealers who are ready to sell art, vintage, and antiques online and need guidance on which marketplaces will work best.  For dealers who are already selling online, the Guide can help you strategize your online sales expansion.

In the words of Freya Simms, CEO of LAPADA, “If you want to get ahead, you have to get online.”

Which online marketplace is best for your stock?

There is no “best,” but what is best for your niche market. The Guide lists the details you need to make a decision that works. Get facts on the established marketplaces such as LAPADA, Decorative Collective, IstDibs, Chairish, InCollect, Love Antiques, Vinterior, and other active marketplaces favored by qualified buyers.

Selling Online: A Guide to Vintage and Antique Marketplaces

You may enjoy researching marketplaces – or you want a simpler path. Find out the basics on the marketplaces in a single catalogue, laid out simply. Check it out and share your feedback with the team at Ronati; we would love to hear from you! The entire focus of the Ronati team is to create tools and information that make selling antiques online both fun and rewarding. It really is a whole new world – and you are invited.

P.S. Ronati’s eCommerce Manager (eCM) enables you to upload your stock images and information once, post, edit and manage them across multiple marketplaces, websites, and platforms. As one of our dealers says, “It’s a dream come true!”

You can view or download the guide by visiting this link, Selling Online: A Guide to Vintage and Antique Marketplaces.

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