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Powerful Tool
Simple Interface

The eCommerce Manager (eCM) is the first inventory and marketplace management platform created exclusively for sellers of unique and ever-changing stock and the marketplaces they list on.

eCommerce Manager
Integration Benefits

  • Solve “platform fatigue” for your client base. Diversification of digital sales channels is crucial for antiques and art dealers to achieve success in the online arena.
  • Improve engagement with subscribers, with increased inventory uploads.
  • Offset customer service and uploading costs through the Ronati batch uploading system.
  • Ensure your client listings are up-to-date.
  • Secure, customized API (Application Programming Interface) can be developed in collaboration with your team.

Dedicated Ronati Marketing
for your Marketplaces

  • Your marketplace and logo featured in the eCM, on Ronati’s connected marketplaces page, and all marketplace promotional pages.
  • Direct links to your registration page for dealers to sign up, with promo codes.
  • Your marketplace featured in Ronati’s “Selling Online: a Guide to Vintage and Antique Marketplaces.”
  • Your marketplace regularly featured in Ronati blog posts.
  • Recurring social media promotions.

Three Ways We Work
with Marketplaces

  1. API’s Marketplaces with API’s are connected directly.
  2. Ronati Integration Partner For Marketplaces that do not have API’s but wish to have automated integration and brand presence on Ronati, we provide full API documentation and support for the Marketplace.
  3. Manual In cases where Marketplaces cannot accommodate automated integration, Ronati works on behalf of the seller, as an independent contractor, to manage data entry.
Ronati does not handle leads, negotiations or sales.

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