Ronati Spotify Playlist: Bon Voyage
As we listen to this playlist, our hearts dream of jet setting… This fall, we’re traveling to Milan, Paris, London, Brimfield (at least in our dreams). This is music to shop flea markets by, where the streets are overflowing with inspiration. French Cafes,...
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Meet Yew Tree House Antiques
We are awestruck by the accomplishments of Kevin Kleinbardt and Ahna Petersen of Yew Tree House Antiques in New York. The two partners first established their strikingly aesthetic shop in the mid-1980s. Since its opening, the shop has flourished, garnering a stellar...
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Celebrate the 70th year of the Chelsea Antiques Fair
Everyone knows location can make or break any event. So it’s easy to understand why, when available, 2Covet quickly took over The Chelsea Antiques Fair and is breathing new life into the event and the Old Town Hall. The exquisite site has been home to the Fair since...
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Partner Spotlight: Marketplace
When you see the marketplace domain, you know this is an enterprise that has its roots in the birth of the international art and antiques market’s web life. The man behind it then is the man behind it now, establishing and nurturing an unbroken timeline...
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Partner Spotlight: 2Covet Marketplace
“Surround yourself with the exquisite.” When those are the first words you see on finding the 2Covet marketplace website, you know you’re on to a good thing. Founded by Charles Wallrock and Steve Sly in December 2019, 2Covet is the result of these two antiques dealers...
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Mark Hill’s Hacks to Save You Time When Shipping Antiques
In part two of Mark Hill’s “Dealer Hacks” series, he reveals some of the tools he keeps on hand for evaluating, measuring, and calculating shipping for his pieces. Mark has been helping people sell their antiques online for two decades, and also sells his own...
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Inventory Askew? How a SKU System Can Help
Dealers face unique challenges in managing inventory. Items may be stored in a warehouse, displayed in a shop, sent away for restoration, or listed on multiple online marketplaces. Various methods are used to track inventory, from spreadsheets to handwritten lists,...
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